Update on American Atomics

In July 2013, I published a post titled Can nuclear energy save Detroit? about a tiny company with an audacious plan to develop mass produced nuclear power plants. The company was pitching itself to Detroit as a potential nuclear industry that might help to turn the city’s financial situation around.

Here is a quote from that article:

Audacity is not necessarily a negative word. When big changes are needed, people with audacious ideas and the drive to turn them into reality are often the only ones who can succeed.

Of course, audacity carries huge risks. American Atomics has folded. Jack Campbell, the founder, recently posted an Indiegogo campaign titled Help A Product Developer Reboot His Career: I am a top-tier developer of consumer & industrial hardware products who has made a couple of really bad decisions, hit bottom, and needs to reboot my career.

Please help if you can.

Additional reading

Last post on American Atomics blog – September 9, 2013 Details Of HOPE 50 Power Plant

Can nuclear energy save Detroit?

Update: (August 2, 2013) – American Atomics is now claiming that there is no site in Detroit that is large enough to house the infrastructure that they are planning to build. Here is a link to their post. http://safereactor.org/post/57104636966/no-room-in-detroit It is a pretty incredible claim for a company that currently has no facilities. Supposedly the […]

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Dieter Helm – Nuclear saga cannot go on (Leaders must push to a happy ending)

Dieter Helm has generously shared an April 2013 article written for Prospect Magazine titled Stumbling towards crisis. In that article Helm points to US energy decision making as a good example that serves as a contrast to UK energy policy making. He sees chosen path in the UK as almost guaranteeing a crisis. In his […]

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Is an employee buyout a win-win-win solution for Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station?

Dominion’s October 2012 announcement that it is closing the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant took the nuclear industry by almost complete surprise. My friends who write about nuclear topics on a regular basis had no clue about the possibility before it was announced. None of the contacts that I have developed over the past few decades […]

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Impact of Pandora’s Promise

One of the benefits of being “out there” in the social media world – which includes old fashioned email lists – is the opportunity to meet like minded souls without being limited to people who happen to be in your neighborhood or your physical social circle. I recently saw an exceptional commentary about Pandora’s Promise […]

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The Atomic Show #185 – Is Thorium Superior to Uranium?

On July 23, 2012, busy schedules aligned and I had the chance to talk with Richard Martin, the author of SuperFuel: Thorium, the Green Energy Source for the Future and Kirk Sorensen, the co-founder and chief technology officer of Flibe Energy, a start-up company formed to “develop small modular reactors based on liquid-fluoride thorium reactor […]

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Atomic Show #174 – Cal Abel – Atomic Inventor and PhD Candidate

I first met Cal Abel during a flurry of correspondence associated with actions he recommended after the Fukushima event. Cal, a former submarine Engineer Officer and current PhD candidate at Georgia Tech, had produced some rapid response papers with useful ideas for the people responding to the events. One idea in particular that Cal produced […]

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The Atomic Show #153 – Suzy Hobbs Founder PopAtomic.org

Suzy Hobbs is a talented artist with a passion for atomic energy. She has created an organization of fellow artists whose mission is to create images that help people understand why there are intelligent, talented engineers, technicians, scientists and teachers who love the idea of using fission to replace fossil fuel combustion in as many […]

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The Atomic Show #143 – Thorium Energy Conference Described by John Kutsch

John Kutsch is one of the key organizers for the Thorium Energy Alliance and is heading up preparations for the organization’s first face to face meeting in Washington on October 19 and 20. During our conversation we talked about the technology opportunity that brings the group together. They have a vision for a world with […]

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The Atomic Show #136 – Jack Tuohy, Executive Director, American Nuclear Society

Jack Tuohy is the Executive Director of the American Nuclear Society. We talked about his goals for the organization, his experiences as a first responder at Three Mile Island and his desire to help nuclear professionals develop their expertise. Other topics discussed during our conversation include: TMI regulation changes as good for nuclear industry Engineers […]

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Five Atomic Geek Lunch at ANS Meeting

I am in Atlanta, GA for the American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting. Though the use of Twitter, email and face to face communications, five active atomic geeks with web presences got together for lunch. We had a wide ranging conversation that only true geeks could love. People at the table included: John Wheeler – This […]

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The Atomic Show #132 – Ray Squirrel Interviews (Atomic) Rod Adams

Ray Squirrel is the screen name used by a documentary film maker who is collecting material for a film about nuclear power. You can find some of the work he has done so far at RaySquirrel’s youtube site. I am not sure how the film will come out, but I thought you might be interested […]

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