1. “There is a catchall category “Friends of Nuclear Energy/Medicine” for nuclear professionals who are not members of any of the listed organizations.”

    I had the audacity to pretend that non-nuclear professionals (such as myself) might call themselves friends of nuclear energy and medicine.

  2. Glad to have the opportunity to fill out the form since I am not a member of ANS. However was disappointed that ASME was not included as one of the groups.

  3. No IEEE either…

    AIAA might be a little farfetched, but a lot of aerospace engineers have migrated to other fields.

    Wouldn’t hurt to have the American Bar Association on there.

  4. Well, I thought it was a stronger message to the ANS leaders when it came from actual ANS members.

    Not that support and opinions from non-members aren’t helpful; but I think there is value in a message from the “constituents.”

    Just my 2 cents…

  5. ASME not on the list, but I signed anyway.

    Also the premise seemed odd in that the petition asks ANS to debunk someone else’s “Hypothesis”. Doesn’t it seem like if you have a “Hypothesis” then the burden of proof is on you to defend it yourself, or to withdraw your hypothesis? Something just seems extremely dysfunctional about this whole situation.

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