1. Great responses Rod. Especially the one about “what’s the biggest misconception about nuclear today?”

  2. Rod Adams wrote:
    The other reason is to share some evidence that public education in the US is not in as bad a shape as commercial news media seems to imply that it is.
    I have heard it said that no matter the shape of the education system, there are some students who will learn and some who will not. It is the group in the middle that will be largely affected by the quality of the system. Given the quality of the questions, I suspect that the student here is one of those who will learn no matter what.
    The e-mailer asked:
    2. What do you feel is the biggest misconception about the nuclear energy industry?
    4. What do you think is the biggest road block to creating an American energy system that is based on nuclear energy? How do you think this block can be overcome?
    These two topics are linked. It is clear to me that various misconceptions are carefully cultivated by various pseudo-environmentalists and entrenched fossil-fuel interests in order to generate fear, especially in those who cannot or will not study the science involved in nuclear energy. This fear is communicated to elected representatives, who then produce legislation and over-regulation that shackles the nuclear industry. Careful study shows that indeed there are dangers in nuclear energy, but that the dangers pale in comparison with fossil fuel energy. But our daily familiarity with the dangers involved with fossil fuels has bred a certain level of comfort with those dangers. We often have greater fear of dangers we do not understand, more than of (greater) dangers we understand.

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