1. Rod,
    I agree entirely on the New Yorker article. It is an excellent piece of journalism: thorough, well-researched, beautifully written, respectful of all points of view, and focused on facts and evidence. I love the New Yorker. Almost every week brings at least one truly extraordinary article.
    Some 20 years ago, my friend the late David Rall, an icon in the environmental movement and former director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, told me that one of the truly botched examples of environmental science was the, at the time (first Bush administration), EPA fixation on radon and radon remediation in basements and home construction. He said the epidemiology that looked at New Mexican uranium miners to find the allegedly iron link between radon and lung cancer was fatally flawed. Almost all the miners were heavy cigarette smokers, a confounder not accounted for in the studies EPA was relying on for its rules.
    An interesting factoid: my father, Earl Maize, a mining engineer, in the early 1950s prospected many of the uranium ore bodies in the Southwest, particularly in southwestern Colorado, that later became the first step in the fuel cycle.
    Ken Maize
    Power Magazine and Managing Power magazine

  2. Rod,
    It’s the same old cliche argument that we get from anti-nukes all over the world. “If you have industry experience, then you’re obviously lying.”
    The rationale is very hard to understand. I wonder if they even trust Doctors to prescribe medicines? Or are they too heavily entrenched with the Pharma industry? Where does this “logic” stop?
    Who best understands the nuclear industry? The answer is the people who work with it every single day.
    We got a similar response from an anti-nuke recently on one of our posts on the Virginia Uranium issue on Clean Energy Insight: http://www.cleanenergyinsight.org/energy-insights/radiation-experts-say-va-uranium-mining-no-risk-to-public-health-or-environment/
    Take care, Rod.

  3. Thanks Rod. It is so nice seeing a mainstream publication addressing the many misconceptions about uranium mining.

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