1. In general, the society that uses resources efficiently will be more secure and prosperous than societies that destroy their own infrastructure.
    I wish her the best about Zion. I wish myself and all of Vermont the best about Vermont Yankee.
    Someday, society will have to wake up. I hope we wake up before we endure too much pain.

  2. There are a substantial amount of industries in the area where Zion is. I travelled through Gary, Indiana recently, during the sunset, on my way to destinations West – the industrial infrastructure was breathtaking – the only more incredible sight during my entire journey I saw was the actual skyline of Chicago itself.
    One note about Gary – I have never seen more electric power lines in my entire life. They must use power hand over fist there. Gigawatts, probably.
    Would it not make sense for the larger electric users in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois combine to buy Zion outright? Since it is not producing any income, and it has “nuclear waste”, I would figure Exelon would be begging for someone to take it off their books, and it would undoubtedly command a low price. Just imagine – an ongoing expense and liability on Exelon’s books converted into income. It would be just the thing that company needs to go to the next level.
    And if they wouldn’t want to sell…then it might be viewed as anticompetitive behavior by the owner of that plant. Who knows? Clayton and perhaps even RICO complaints might be in order, perhaps shareholder liability suits (not turning a liability into income) along with proceedings under FERC and PERC jurisdiction? I’m no lawyer, but this sort of thing might raise questions. I bet all you need is a credible buyer for Zion to make a credible offer.

  3. It’s a pity the Federal Government can’t use eminent domain to take over the plant and let the Tennessee Valley Authority refurbish the plants like they did at Browns Ferry and Watts Bar. The TVA could then operate them as merchant plants. The likelihood of Congress allowing that is approximately zero.

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