1. Rod,

    I haven’t listened to this yet, but will. I’ll predict that my comment is pertinent though:

    The Chairman is a “malicious complier.” He (like the president) touts that he is for “safe” nuclear power expansion “in the future” without defining “safe” or “future.”

  2. I would have appreciated discussion about the difference in cost if the design of that “brittle SC wall module #2 in Figure 1 (redacted) that Dr Ma is so concerned about was modified in the way he wants.

    I wondered, is there just a standard AP1000 or can they supply versions for different performance levels?

    A guy who wants to build his AP1000 where all he has to worry about is the standard, common, garden variety event such as an Airbus full of fuel hurled by a Category 5 tornado striking the weakest point of Module #2 just as an earthquake measuring 8.2 on the Richter scale occurs is one thing, but what about all those guys who want to build them in more hazardous places?

    Some are having a field day with Dr. Ma’s statement that “the impact energy could shatter the wall as it does to a glass cup”. See: http://www.loe.org/shows/segments.html?programID=11-P13-00015&segmentID=2

    Its good to see Rod putting interviews like this out.

  3. I find the Chairman’s conduct in the review of Westinghouse’s design application offensive and demonstrative of the lack of good governance at NRC

    to abide by the Administrative Procedures Act and the

    rule of law. I don’t believe that NRC has licensed a

    new nuclear plant since its existence. So any criticism that NRC is in bed with the industry is without merit.

    Its a sad commentary on the operations of the US Federal government that the nuclear industry has been forced to resort to building its business overseas and not in the US.

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