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  1. The question is: Independence by 2040? Assuming a 20 year ramp up to Independence, that leaves scant time to get started. With venture Capital all but frozen the time line is not realistic. So, in the mean time, people talk and talk and talk. …..Or, on the otherhand, they remain silent. The issue becomes one of comflicting information and bad projections based on a technology (Pebble Bed Reactors) that should become history. Relevence of something not implemented nor well understood puts this in the realm of Water Witches and Spooks. Jeane Manning (Atlantis Rising columnist) and NEMCA activist, has a valid point with current nuclear (be it heavy water or pebble bed) about “How clean is something that should be buried?

    All of this whilst Dr. Godin and the Russian Academy of Science develope a fussion hydraulic turbine for public utility and military applications. Note: No commercial use of the new technology is planned. This is because OIL and GAS are the backbone of the Russian economy. Sound familiar? The point is, it is time to move on ….or remain stagnant waiting burial.


  2. Thanks for pointing out Joe Shuster’s book, and for an interesting interview. It definitely sounds interesting, and there are a number of enthusiastic and informative reviews on Amazon. I’ll see if I can get the county library to order it.

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