1. Have you heard all the latest developments in clean , renewable geothermal technology? You can now not only heat and cool your home this super earth friendly way-but also your POOL-well worth looking into!

  2. Thanks Rod. Around 1991 I watched a night launch FROM MIAMI! it was a clear night and we could see the shuttle racing towards the heavens from our 2nd floor balcony more than 200 miles away. It makes me sad that there are only four launches left and no replacement orbiter on the horizon.

  3. If you think these old birds are exciting you should see the new Space Command Vehicles……..Low profile no see’ms. How is it the general public never gets the inside track on military space advances? I guess they just don’t have a need to know. Only if their iPods stop working and TV goes dead or their cell phone don’t work any more will they suspect …….Ta ….Da ! Space Command Dollars at work killing satellites or was that the other guy breaking the toys that they sold you for too much?
    An invasion from Mars story tweeked my imagination as a kid…..but now………”Fire Breathing Dragon Ships” in the sky seems to be the “Other Shoe” about to drop out of space. What next?

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