1. Huffpo started an ongoing battle over the Brand interview yesterday. You should go on over and kick some butt.

  2. Rob, I think the test for comparing coal and nuclear will be in China and India, where they have huge demand building and little prejudice or strong regulations against nuclear. Both countries are building coal and nuclear plants aggressively. Which is winning that race? So far it

    1. Stewart – thank you for visiting. I think you will see as time moves forward that the Chinese and the Indians will both be accelerating their pace of nuclear power development. Both have been moving forward already, but both have very large countries with large economies. There is a certain amount of inertia at work that allows a very large enterprise to appear to remain dominant while what looks like a new enterprise gathers its strength and begins moving forward with an increasing velocity. When that new enterprise starts, it is obviously at zero production and zero speed. As more and more people learn, more factories are developed, and more investment is made, position moves away from zero and speed increases at an increasing rate.
      You might want to visit this marketwatch.com commentary about China’s effort to move away from the coal that is literally choking even the highest level decision makers in the country. To me, that is part of the reason for my optimism about their shift – when the people who control the levers recognize that there is no such thing as “clean coal” and they are not fully invested in continuing the coal enterprise, things can change quickly.

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