1. Isn’t it almost prophetic they had, of all things, their “efficiency” message replaced by nuclear. This their plan: by promoting efficiency as the new “fuel” or “energy source”, they are *discouraging* any additional energy production, which would sooner or later lead to the re-discovery of zero-carbon nuclear energy. In the end of course, the efficiency-as-energy-source idea will turn out a big lie, when plugin hybrids start invading the streets, guzzling huge amounts of domestic electricity, but by then it will be too late to build new plants, so their “good old” technology of burning oil and gas will be the only one readily available to fulfill the demand.

  2. The message of “oil and gas will be the primary energy source through 2030/50 THEN nuclear will dominate” is also prominent in the petroleum engineering magazines as well. My guess is that the oil/gas companies will get back into nuclear once the real builidng starts.

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