1. I really wish it didn’t look like the cover of a Chick tract, but I commend Ms. Hobbs on her efforts.

  2. Ms. Hobbs’s heart is in the right place but this graphic approach is the wrong way to convey her message.
    When someone tells me–with an imperative command, no less–how to direct my conscience, my reflex is to say, “Who are you to tell me how to feel?”
    Wouldn’t it be better to *show* the ways in which nuclear workers do difficult and important work at considerable personal risk and let us draw our own conclusions?

    1. @Chuck – feel free to produce your own art. I get the feeling it would be significantly more complex than Suzy’s simple message to remind people that the folks who work at nuclear facilities are not ogres or Homers, despite all of the contrary portrayals over the years.

  3. Suzy is one of our gems on the pronuclear side, and her work is going to have an impact far larger than even she can see at this moment. What well all need to do is see that it gets circulated to as wide an audience as possible, and use it as seed-stock to starting a wider discussion about nuclear issues.

  4. @George, I am not telling anyone how to feel, simply expressing my own feelings in the best way I know how- through art. As an artist I am used to criticism and understand that not everyone will appreciate everything I make, although, I will briefly explain my thought process.
    This image was inspired by posts on several blogs questioning the ethics and motives of nuclear workers, at a time when they should be appreciated the most.
    As we are being inundated with images of tragedy and fear coming in from all over the world, I felt compelled to put something out there that focuses on the incredible work of real heroes.
    My lights are on, I am warm and safe in my home. I just wanted to visually thank the people who are currently making these things possible, as well as support the ongoing efforts of the brave workers at Fukushima.

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