1. Rod this one of the reasons that Russia is building *several* new gas pipelines that bypass Ukraine. Instead of having their traditional pipeline network in series, they are moving to a parallel network (to stretch the electrical diagram metaphor a bit).
    From Russia’s pov, they have no choice. The only problem they’ve had is with Ukraine, not other country. Additionally, they want to be the conduit for gas from the countries east of the Caspian. To do this, to play the role in fact that Ukraine has, they need to be able to deliver Kazakstan and Tajikistan’s natural gas to their customers with no hold ups. Thus, in part, the new Baltic and Beylorussian gas lines.
    The irony of all this is that Russia is trying to hinder nuclear development in Western Europe because they know nuclear competes with their revenue stream from gas. So they are out to kill it. The irony continues because they know countries like Belarus and Ukraine are bad revenue stream suppliers because of their very week economies. But that’s not ‘ironic’, that’s economics…
    …indeed..so Russia, even TODAY, is fast organizing the building on nuclear power plants in: Belarus and Ukraine! Europeans won’t buy Russia’s VVERs but Ukraine will. So they are purposely destroying the rather weak Ukraine gas market by selling them billions of dollars of VVERs and then allowing the Russians to shift the gas to Germany and France and Austria.
    Strange but True!
    Happy New Years!

  2. And what will Obama do about this? cave in to Russia, the Islamic fascists and Red China, appoint anti-nuke NRC commissioners, stymie new nuke growth in the US, promote useless solar and wind power.

  3. I wonder if the right-wing troll is especially upset because you linked to Steph’s blog (she has some rather anti-American and pro-Iranian views, and is the only blogger I’ve seen use the word “Eurabia” who wasn’t an Islamophobe or someone writing about Islamophobes).
    Since she describes her politics as anarchist, I very much expected her to oppose nuclear power (because nuclear has a reputation as something which must be Big and Centralized – and therefore not compatible with anarchism). She pleasantly surprised me…

    1. The link to Steph’s blog doesn’t work now, as she split her blog, with the original URL being used only for her self-defence related posts. “Resisting Russian Imperium” is now at Viva l’Anarchia.

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