1. I noticed, in the video, at 6:50, there is about a 3-second clip of video depicting what looks like some kind of control or monitoring panel for the reactor, and it looks like the Monitors are displaying a Microsoft Windows Logo Screensaver.
    So, I have to ask the engineers here: is Windows *really* considered robust and secure enough for running nuclear reactors? That kind of blows my mind – I really don’t think I’d trust Windows to run a reactor. . .

    1. That looks like the control panel for the non-nuclear experimental facilities at Oregon State University that is being used to support NuScale development.

  2. He expects three years for the NRC to review? THREE YEARS! What are they doing over their, engaging in marathon sessions of Free Cell? And what’s with the lady from Physicians for Blah Blah whatever? “If you ask people if they want a nuclear power plant next to their house…” Of course no one wants one next to their house. I don’t want a chrome plating business next to my house either, but they’re fine in an industrial park. At least they didn’t have anyone from the Union of Concerned [we’re not really] Scientists.

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