1. Does the participation of MHI mean that the suspended work on the Brayton cycle high efficiency helium turbine will be restarted? Months ago that project was mothballed for financial reasons and the PBMR project redirected to process heat applications.

  2. Robert – here are the exact words from the press release:
    “The possibility that PBMR may in future still want to pursue the direct cycle, gas-turbine design, should also not be ruled out.

  3. And of course, the work on HTR-PM in Shidaowan China continues as well (250 MW pebble bed). The 10 MW HTR-10 is already operating in China.

  4. The South African government is expected to make a decision in a week or so as to whether it (and/or Eskom) will continue to support the PBMR company.
    Many believe that further support will NOT be provided
    My view is that this MOU press release is a last-minute attempt to influence that decision.

  5. The MOU sounds like throwing in the towel on their pebble bed work until a customer other than Eskom can be found. Too bad they didn’t start smaller and use a different “coolant”

  6. This won’t be yet another reactor lining up at the US government feeding trough will it? Take your number and hope that the entire treasury hasn’t been drained by the time you get to the window. But the loan guarantee crowd is out to prove that nuclear reactors aren’t financially viable so better get your, uh our, money now.

    1. Like a porker at the government feeding trough? Why, of course! What else is new?!?
      Kind of like that pie-in-the-sky Global Positioning System, the delusion of a Digital Encryption Standard, the wasteful Transcontinental Railroads, that absurdly expensive Interstate Highway System, the socialistic Morrill Land Grant College Act, that nonsense back in the 1960s about sending a man to a moon on a bottle-rocket (IT WAS STAGED!), that crackpot idea by some insane Italian guy named Fermi and that no-good shifty Einstein character to build some kind of pile of pencil lead for neutrons under a squash court in Chicago, the money-pit of the Human Genome Project, and the pork-barrel spending leading to the creation of the infamous ARPANET (we all know ABSOLUTELY no good came of that!) Whatever came of those useless budgetary black holes, I wonder? Obviously nothing at all.
      Nuclear power’s just another form of government waste, fraud and abuse. Creeping communism in concrete, I say!

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