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  1. Rod,
    Yes you should use the word bailout. I know I will from now on.
    I am getting a little tired of the hearing from the enviros that nuclear is the only power generation industry that can’t seem to survive without federal money when in acutuality the wind and solar industries would be in a shambles this year if that Recovery Act money was not handed out to them.
    In fact I thought the very purpose of those types of governmental funds was to help the solar and wind industries stay alive. It is no different then the bailout of Detroit or AIG. Exelon, Entergy, Dominion, PPL, SCE, etc. etc have not gone to Wasington DC begging for handouts claiming that if they did not get them then the nuclear reactors would have to be shut down. I know, new construction of “green” energy point sources versus existing nuclear fleets but the principle is the same.
    If the governmental funds had not been allocated, the solar and wind people would have had to cancel many large projects which would have looked bad for politicians in a time when support of “green” energy gets you reelected. Look at Pickens who partially blamed the taxpayer for not paying to build transmission lines to his proposed wind generation projects when in reality it was natural gas prices driving his decision. How much did he stand to make just from the government handouts if he continued on with his wind generation facilities?

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