Palisades Nuclear Plant Will Continue Operating Through 2022; Neighbors Ecstatic 1

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      1. Kerosene?  Puh-LEEESE!  True renewablistas will not STAND for fossil fueled light.  It’s beeswax candles or nothing.

      1. @JamesEHopf

        Good guess. I owe credit to Meredith, but she explained the importance of brownies to activists to me long before she began writing her book, Campaigning for Clean Air. One of many reasons to buy her book is that she wrote it after years worth of deep personal experience.

  1. Thanks for the good story and the good news. The first thought that entered my head when I saw your story was “why?”. Then you gave the obvious reason, “money.” Economic situations are continually volatile. Just a few years ago, merchant plants appeared to be a way to print money. By the year 2022, conditions may change where there will be demands for that plant to remain open.

    As for the brownies, I would guess these folks are the type that will be eating vegan gluten free brownies made from purely natural organic preservative free ingredients harvested by indigenous natives of the rain forest.

  2. Chuckling again. Wonder how many of the commentors, above, are overwieght, with unhealthy eating habits. They might not want brownies cooked with healthy ingredients, but you can bet some of them won’t pass on chicken fried steak, hash browns, and sausage gravy.

    1. Michelle Obama tried her hand at being the Food Police and School Lunch Scold. Are you sure you want to follow her lead?

  3. Palisades has been in the news for technical troubles for years.  I read something about the control-rod drives a while back, and a persistent issue with some kind of water tank that leaks.  Presumably that’s primary coolant, because I can’t think of anything else that would have a significant burden of radioisotopes.

    The NRC has to take the blame for that latter issue.  If it was any other industry, a troublesome tank would probably just be replaced and that would be the end of it.  But because of NQA driving the cost so high, Palisades can’t afford to do that.  The bottom line is that NQA has to go.  I’ve seen nobody claiming that it actually improves quality over regular commercial QA and its multiplier effect on cost is a deadweight loss on the industry which has devastating environmental effects downstream.

    1. Amen, brother.

      If it were up to me, I would fund (out of the nuclear R&D budget) a detailed study on both the frequency and nature of failure for various non-nuclear-grade components. Should be a huge amount of available data, with many decades of use in numerous heavy industries. Then I would plug that failure data into a huge PRA analysis to try and determine would the safety impact would be of getting rid of NQA-1 and replacing it with standard industrial requirements. Then follow up with a cost/benefit analysis. Would probably help nuclear more than anything else ever done with that R&D budget.

      The case for eliminating NQA-1 is even stronger for SMRs, given their inherent safety, much lower potential source term, and how many SMR developers are saying that all components could fail w/o significant consequence. As we are giving up economy of scale for vastly increased, inherent safety, we need to “take credit” for that inherent safety and insist on an appropriate level of regulation.

  4. Great news! Now we have 4-5 more years to either have natural gas prices go up or to get some needed policy changes. The Trump grid reliability policy being considered wouldn’t be my first choice, but it would do the trick.

    Some comments on Rod’s most recent post (on the Trump/Perry) policy suggest that we may indeed see a significant gas price increase by then. I hope that’s the case, but I’ve been told that gas costs would go up for many years now, and it hasn’t happened yet.

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