1. Re: “It would be wonderful if the NRC communications branch would provide these kinds of numbers to enable the public to understand the relative risks of something that is routinely accepted versus something that is blown way out of proportion for nefarious reasons.”

    Telling passage! I wish nuclear professional organizations like ANS and NEI and others would take up the mantle if just for their own self-interest and lodge such concerns to the NRC about this. I am perpetually bemused by the ineptness/incompetence of the PR offices of near all nuclear agencies and organizations to get coherent and roundedly informative messages out, forget actual public education. If this weren’t so, nuclear energy’s regard and progress in this country wouldn’t be so damned dicey.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  2. Or perhaps a comparison of what comes out of the waste stream (the toilet) at most hospitals that have an oncology department?

    I believe the EPA should step in and communicate to the public the extent that the H3 leaks are such a non-hazard. They could rank order in terms of public health risks, the many industrial chemicals that get spilled into the environment. I bet H3 wouldn’t even make it into the top 100.

  3. Oh God ive had the Vermont Yankee tritium leak brought up in argument like it was a US Chernobyl; as if the Anti Nukes needed something else to make them look even more unbelievably ignorant.

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