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  1. Nice display, Carbon Visuals. Now how about slapping a caption, “Support electric vehicles and heat. Support Indian Point” at the tail?

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  2. I’d like to see that virtual Mt. Everest of carbon compared to the relatively small “big box” sized warehouse that could neatly contain our nation’s entire inventory of used nuclear fuel.

    If we can imagine one of the largest cities creating a mountain of carbon gas in one year, then globally we are creating virtual mountain ranges of carbon every year.

  3. Off-topic but worthy of discussion;

    One long overlooked channel of FUD is vintage science or history programming. Just this morning I woke to see on the History Channel a series on aerial tankers. It must’ve been circa early 1990’s and had the clip about the tanker-bomber collision in Spain which involved nuclear bombs. As soon as that was mentioned ominous background music snapped on and the narrator said “…a collision was bad enough, but it could’ve been much much worst” then a flick to an H-bomb exploding. One doesn’t need to be AF crew to know these bombs fly unarmed and even in a crash can’t detonate, yet the program went ahead and implied that. Much the same with done with a report on TMI, showing bunny-suited officials combing through Middleton and the countryside with Geiger counters and telling crying kids to stay sealed behind their windows. Beyond the height of inaccuracy and irresponsibility back then, such tid-bits continue to re-run un-updated and uncorrected through the years and today, sowing further nuclear misconceptions and feeding mistrust and jitters of anything nuclear. This I know because public schools in NYC often recommend these cable science/history shows as references and study resources. So anti-nukers automatically have an ally and “credible media source” to cite to the clueless in their rants. How much can it cost to tack a update correction caption to these old features? They do on the fate of terrorists and celebrities long after their shows were filmed.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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