1. Nice to see GA getting back into the game. In order to move to deployment, however, you have to get through the NRC, and that’s the fun part. Instead of R&D, you’ve got an R&NRC&D process. How are we going to get the reactors past the proverbial “troll” lurking under the bridge with that big, spiky club?
    Sidestep by circling around the beast from outside the country? Jump over them using Congress? Flank attack with the DOE or the military? Diversionary assault using demonstration reactors? Full frontal attack – go straight for design certification?

  2. Eh, General Atomics is not interested in actually building anything nuclear, nor are they interested in getting past the NRC. They’re interested only in R&D money, and they always will be as long as GA is owned by the Blue brothers.
    Read the article (Rod, your link is broken) carefully, particularly this part:
    “Another possible problem is financing. General Atomics expects the development effort to cost $1.7 billion, and it intends to seek financial assistance from the Energy Department that may not materialize.”
    They smell government handouts, so now they want to get into the game and get their share. GA’s entrance has made me more skeptical of the recent interest in small reactors.

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