Costs and hazards of unconventional natural gas extraction

I learned something new and useful while watching Energy Now’s July 24, 2011 show titled The Promise and Problems of Shale Gas. If I want to attempt to get an honest answer from natural gas industry promoters about the potential hazards of extracting natural gas from unconventional formations like coal beds and shale, I cannot…

Gazprom profiting mightily from German nuclear exit

The European Energy Review (available with a free registration) has published a detailed article titled Gazprom: back in the game – and ready to take on Brussels that paints a picture of Gazprom’s continued pattern of aggressive market actions aimed at locking European customers into long term contracts at prices that must make many US…

Battling for nuclear energy by exposing opposition motives

It is difficult to do battle with imaginary boogeymen, especially when you are a rational-minded person steeped in reality. In the money-driven battle over our future energy supply choices, the people who fight nuclear energy have imagination on their side. They can, and often do, invent numerous scary tales about what might happen without the…

Natural gas supply shift requires $205 billion in new pipelines

Bill Loveless of Platts Energy Week recently interviewed Don Santa, President and CEO of INGAA (Interstate Natural Gas Association of America), about a study that his organization commission from ICF International. According to the study, the shifts in natural gas supply areas combined with shifts in the customer base, will require the construction of approximately…

APPA Detailed Study on Effects of Switching From Coal to Natural Gas For Electricity Generation – Not a "Bridge Fuel" Strategy

The American Public Power Association (APPA) has released a detailed, 95-page study titled Implications
 (4.8 MB PDF) that analyses the costs, required rule changes, and risks of replacing a major portion of the coal fired electricity in the United States with natural gas. APPA is the…

Selling “Clean, Natural Gas” By Casting Doubt On Nuclear Energy

Several times in the past week, I have pointed out just how much money is involved in pushing people to act in certain ways in response to the threat of global climate change. It seems so obvious to me that the most useful tool in shifting our economy to sustainability without emitting carbon dioxide into…

The Atomic Show #123 – European View of Russian Gas Cutoff

On January 20, 2009 Rod Adams spoke with Alexandra Prokopenko to get a local view of the effects on Eastern Europe of the Ukraine/Russia natural gas supply dispute. Alexandra is a citizen of Belarus who currently lives and works in Sweden. Her husband is living in Kiev, Ukraine and she speaks to him each day….

Recalling the Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) passive safety experiments

I got notified via a Google Alert on “small nuclear power plants” about a post on a blog that I had not previously visited. The post was titled The Environmentalists Nuclear Debate (2) Mark Lynas. The post provided a link to a very interesting article by Mark Lynas in the New Republic titled How nuclear…