1. Am I to assume, that you don’t know of anyone who has build a carturetor capable of getting 100 miles plus? Or could it be you don’t believe it can be done? The I reason I ask is, back in 1977
    a man by the name of Tom Olge( remember this name) claimed that he had developed a carturetor capable of 100 mpg. He than demomstraighted this by, putting a 2 gallon tank in his car, filling it with 2 gallons of gas, and than drove it 205 miles. This demonstraingt was documented and reported national. His local paper declared, ” THIS IS NO HOAX “. Tom was apporached by a number of oil companies. They offered him millions of dollars, but instead Tom said no. He wanted share this with the country. Because as I stated, it was after all the time of the oil embargo.
    It wasn’t long before Tom had found a backer for this carturetor and making plans to bring it to market. Three months
    almost to the day, Tom was found DEAD! A so called Sucide,
    You can check the N.Y. Times on this, or Google which ever you prefer. And he wasn’t the only one. There have been many other
    inventors over the years, who have infact produced (documented) carturetor’s capable mileage well over 120 mpg. But I don’t think
    you looked into these cases. Because if you did, you would have known about Tom Olge. Or maybe you do know about Tom , and every other inventor who has either been bought off or killed, Or are you one of those who believes coporations, don’t do business this way. You probably work for the oil companies. Just one more voices that knows 100mpg carturetors, Don’t excised.

    Your a Putts,

    Respectfully your,

    W. Alexander Gomez

    P.S. I’d so loved to hear back from you, I’m so looking forward to your indepth response.

  2. THANK YOU W.Alexander Gomez! I believe like you. The corporate giants have gotten away with murder; literaly. Look at the salaries of the men at the top of the oil companies for a clue.
    There is an incredible dearth of men who won’t be bought in the world today.

  3. The story of this invention has been heard down here in the Southeast U.S. I have been told of this by several older family members and friends. It is the same as ever thing else, even with the major drug companies…”there is no profit in a cure.” Great article and thank you. p.s. I’m in my mid-forties.

  4. My father was a Pentecostal preacher and a very honorable man. He told me he had a friend who attended one of the churches he pastored in the 1950s or 1960s who patented a technology in which he designed a technology in which a small gasoline engine was used to start a car, that somehow, powered magnets that created electricity which helped the carburetor to burn fuel more efficiently. His design enabled cars at that time, to get over 80 MPG and could drive at all speeds without loss of efficiency. He even had his own car which he drove using the technology. This man told my father one day that he had sold the patent to (if I remember correctly) Ford Motor Company for $25,000 or $50,000 (my memory on this detail is not sound). In addition, they promised to mass produce his design and to pay him royalties. In the end, they buried it. The product was never produced, my Dad’s friend never received any royalties and was never able to find out any more about it for Ford Motor Company.

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