1. The NRC still has a moratorium on approving any new construction projects until the waste confidence rule is worked out with the courts. Therefore, no utility is going to spend effort gathering together all of the information for an Early Site Permit or COL and those utilities certainly aren’t going to sign any EPC contracts with suppliers and builders.

        “Regulatory Uncertainty” helped to kill San Onofre, and will also prevent new projects from going forward.

        1. If I’m not mistaken, FPL is presently performing some work in preparation for completing PTN Units 6 & 7 in Homestead, FL.

          I predict that those 2 units will be the 5th and 6th GW-scale Gen III plants completed in America. I will not be surprised if SMRs subsequently make up most new nuclear builds in America from 2020 until approximately 2035.

        2. @Pete51,

          This moratorium is self imposed by the NRC.

          All 5 commissioners voted for if.

          They have no courage.

  1. Speaking of memory…
    When I was a little kid, I remember driving thru Buffalo, NY in the early 1970’s on our way to Niagara Falls. The whole downtown was covered in soot. Factories and power plants all around belching out black smoke. Enormous smoke stacks. Whole sky was dark grey too. Today, pictures show downtown Buffalo as a beautiful pristine place. At least some of that mess was eliminated due to building so many nuclear plants in the area. I wish I could find some photos of downtown Buffalo from that era, to show a before and after. Without that sort of visualization, some people can’t appreciate how much nuclear power has improved living (and working) conditions for everyday people.

      1. Pittsburgh’s really quite nice now (don’t pay attention to that air quality study…they put the sensors at the same height as the bus exhausts). There are still some buildings which will have 3 sides clean and one still dirty as a little reminder of how bad it used to be.

        There are still some legacy issues. Bruce Mansfield Power Plant sits next to Beaver Valley (Two loop Westinghouse PWRs) and its fly ash is responsible for the ecological disaster that is Little Blue Run Pond (look it up). Still, by-in-large, the biggest ecological threat around here now is probably fracking to the North.

  2. Kerry is vocal today at the AOEC summit about global warming.

    I posted a comment on the Hill.com that the three amigos (Kerry Clinton Gore) all killed the most promising nuclear reactor is the US.

    As it often occurs to me, my comment in the Hill.com was deleted.

  3. More bad news. The EU in Brussels has just decided on a big No No for anything that looks or smells like a nuclear subsidy.

    Wind solar and all the other crapolas can be aided by tax dollars.

  4. Rod,

    I almost wish you had typed an extra T into Cutler, to see whether that would bring Bob Applebaum here, since I am pretty sure he has Google alerts set up for any of the names Jerry Cuttler, Ted Rockwell, Ed Calabrese, and maybe several others.

  5. Eugene Smith shot many thousands of photographs in Pittsburgh in the mid 1950s. A selection of them is in a book called “Dream Street”. Some show the smoky conditions well – there are probably many unpublished images which would be even better for a “before and after” comparison.

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