1. “I realize that skepticism abounds about the long term effects on our environment of having a growing population of 7 billion human beings all trying to live more prosperous, productive lives.”

    God endowed the Earth with enough uranium and thorium for countless billions of human beings to live at a standard of living and energy consumption equal to what the modern American consumes all without injury to the environment.

    Indeed, the only ones crying overpopulation are those (mostly liberals) who won’t themselves end their own lives to do something about the problem. Everyone’s life is expendable except their own.

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  2. Ioannes – I think you completely misunderstood my point.

    The skeptics I was talking about were those who think that it is perfectly fine for a growing population of people striving for better lives to burn as much fossil fuel as they can extract as fast as they can extract it.

    They are the ones who think it is too costly to consider taking a different path that will enable the use of the earth’s endowment of uranium and thorium because there are some initial learning curve type costs that must be invested to change course and speed.

    By the way, I am a liberal who loves children and proudly point to numerous friends with large families of 7 or more children. People are our most important resource, especially when they have plenty of access to energy and education.

  3. Renewable electricity is easy. An 80% renewable/20% conventional with just a smart grid and conservation is easily achievable with few new conventional plants and little storage.

    Renewable power replacing oil for transportation is the hard part.

    And no combination of nukes, renewables, or unconventional oil. Is going to replace conventional oil for any significant period of time.

    Salvage the suburbs!

  4. I can’t see the point of “renewable” energy sources when the supply of Uranium is enough to last for centuries. Indeed, in countries such as the UK which already have fission power stations, the supply of partly used fuel is enough to last for centuries.

    Practical nuclear fusion power is almost certain to be developed long before current fission fuels run out. Why not use fission in the meantime?

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