1. At ~40 deaths/TWh from coal, if the 17 000 TWh of energy generated by nuclear energy over its history in the US had instead been generated by coal it would have caused 500 000 additional deaths from air pollution.
    The cost of failure if you could convince the world to bet the farm on piddle power from wind and solar and you cannot deliver is unacceptable climate change and a lot of excess deaths from fossil fuel pollution.

  2. Get over to Renewable Energy World and comment! Convenient as it is, we can’t expect Rod to do it all (though he did recently get the ball rolling impressively on the NY Times anti-nuclear hit piece). Get out there and respectfully ask the hard questions and respectfully document for nuclear energy deniers just exactly what the facts are that demonstrate nuclear to be the cornerstone solution to energy and environmental challenges we face.
    Here is a challenge: for every comment you put in to Rod’s, or a similar blog, put out two, with strong documentation, into the battle zone where incorrect information and “hit pieces” on nuclear are the norm. Do it now.

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