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  1. great presentantion i have sent the link to all of my friends it explains perfecty my vision of the history of nuclear power

  2. hello

    in our fantastic presentation on google you briefly talked about nuclear power cars . i really would like to know more about this.

    also many nuclear reactors power plant use diesel engines as backup, why not use small nuclear reactors like an S9G reactor or even the Adams engine as backup.

    Another mad nuclear concept that i have had would be possible to built a nuclear power airplane possible UAV with unlimited flight time.

    It would look like a mixture of an the Antonov An-70, the E-3 AWACS Airborne Warning and System Control and the LASER ABL YAL 1A AIRBORNE but whit an Teralaser activated by super capacitator banks charged by the nuclear reactor.

    And finally I have read on the internet about Nuclear Remediation Technologies, Modifying the Half-Life of Radioactive Isotopes.


    can you guys please coment on my ideias and on the atomic car and laser atomic plane

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