1. I think you are underestimating the pace of development of electric cars. We can and will use ‘fission’ in our automobiles. Heat pumps are more efficient than simply burning fuels, so heating will eventually be supplied by fission as well. Of course, this won’t happen overnight, but hopefully fast enough to replace fossil fuels as they are depleted and fast enough to allow development to continue in China, India, etc.

    1. Thanks for the comment on heat pumps. They really do make heating with electricity economically feasible. China and India are making progress, I hope that the climatologists tipping point prediction is far enough away to not produce an earth with a greatly lowered carrying capacity in the mean time. The question is will we in the USA find the political clout to make the switch to fission?

  2. To get another perspective on risks, you should talk with people at Waterford 3, located in chemical ally on the Mississippi. The plant has had seismic monitors trip from a Shell Norco refinery explosion, and had to take the Control Room into submarine closure for chemical releases from Uniion Carbide and Occidential Chemical plant releases nearby. In the area, the nuclear plant is recoginized as a good, relatively safe neighbor.

  3. We already know how to use electricity to manufacture gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, methanol, and methane gas. And now the US navy is thinking about using nuclear power to do just that.
    The US should be gradually introducing carbon neutral synfuels manufactured by nuclear power plants and urban and rural biowaste into our fuel mix right now with the long term goal of completely replacing transportation fuels with synfuels from nuclear power and biowaste within the next 30 years. Its that simple, IMO.

    1. I hope that’s somewhat of a joke…if it gets big enough and damaging enough…well, it’ll probably work. It could be less damaging to have a big boom 5000 feet down than what’s going on now. Hopefully it won’t get to that point.

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