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  1. The Rolling Stone article states “The Sunshine State has the best solarity east of the Mississippi, and the third-best rooftop solar potential in America. Yet measured by solar production, it ranks just 16th in the nation.”

    Obvious that the writer lives in Sunny California and not partly cloudy, often slightly hazy Florida which has a much lower solar potential. Not stated is that this rooftop solar potential is only about 60% of that in the best areas of the US, e.g. South West states like So. CA, NV and NM. (Simple Google search for Solar potential map will give you the map. { http://www.i4at.org/surv/solmap.htm is one } Thus it is only going to give the investor about 60% of the return on his investment. This fact also greatly increases the payback time on the investment. Rule of thumb I was taught was that if more than 3 years you are wasting your money and would be better off investing in stocks and bonds. Don’t think they will be glad they made this investment ten of fifteen years from now.

  2. And in other news, TVA has thrown in the towel on the Bellefonte reactors. Is this the first of the “nuclear renaissance” reactors to get the axe? Another nail in the coffin of that “revival”.

    1. @Wayne SW

      TVA gave up on Bellefonte at least three-four years ago. The public announcement might have been just issued, but there wasn’t any surprise among my contacts at the company.

      One of the final nails in the coffin was when a careful walkthrough of the facility revealed just how much piping, pumps, valves, instrumentation, and cabling had been removed from the partially completed plants and sold for spare parts to other facilities in order to free up some room under the debt limit to pay executive bonuses.

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