1. No, do you want to talk about the boggy man? I do not think that Duke Energy is going to make nuke weapons from spent fuel.

  2. I noticed that the individual with the physics degree was also a nuclear propulsion officer. Maybe the navy needs more english majors… 😉
    Seriously, the idea that nuclear proliferation will be halted by getting rid of nuclear power is absurd. Stopping or reducing proliferation is a geopolitical issue. Any country that really wants nuclear weapons will eventually develop them and does not need nuclear power plants to do it (e.g., China had nuclear weapons long before their nuclear power program).

  3. Thanks for the link Rod. I note that MIT is feeling the heat over dragging their heels in changing their research reactor over to LEU from HEU as ordered so as to reduce the risk of proliferation. Not doubt the plans of several groups of terrorists will be thwarted when MIT finally gives in. Don’t you feel safer already? </sarcasm>

  4. Interestingly enough the Doomsday Clock will be adjusted this week. Right now, the hands are at 5 minutes to midnight according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientist

    1. Somehow I doubt that there are many atomic scientists left on the board of the Bulletin. If I remember it’s history, the Bulletin was supportive of nuclear power, but strongly for sanity in the nuclear arms race. It was indeed atomic scientists who set the doomsday clock back then. Now, it’s probably isn’t.

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