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  1. Fun fact: Richard A. Muller is emeritus physics professor Cal Berkeley. Prof Muller organized the inter-departmental Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) study in response to the 2009 ClimateGate scandal, which some here might recall. Their purpose was to conduct an independent analyisis of the temperature trends reported by the major climate organizations.

    “So, what did The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Study find? Essentially, they reproduced the results previously obtained by the ‘Big Three’ – NASA GISS, NOAA/NCDC, and Hadley/CRU – with remarkable precision.”


    Elizabeth is Prof Muller’s daughter.

  2. Good company – It seems like the chief complain about nuclear energy is the waste. When they ask, “What about the waste?”

    It’ll be buried deep in the Earth. “Waste, waste, I don’t see any waste.” Out of sight and out of mind.

    1. but not out of danger….it’s way past time for providing glib answers to a very serious problem.

      1. @jeanine

        Can you explain the dangers that you envision?

        We’ve been safely handling used nuclear fuel for 70 years. Why would that change with a program to put some of it deep underground?

  3. Great point. Deep bore and some other variants are even safer than the “perfect record” for high-level waste storage that already exists for past 70 years! The arguments against are smoke N mirrors and speculations based on unfounded “fears”.

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