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  1. We seriously need a show purely on how to address public nuclear misconceptions and illiteracy that goes far beyond Tupperware party tactics like teaching Girl Scout troops how atoms whirl once a blue moon. I’d like a roundtable of Atomic Show regulars along with invited public affairs and media relations officers from major nuclear organizations and companies to discuss nuclear energy’s Darth Vader image and abysmal self-promotion and how to fix it and FUD-proof voters.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY
    (If “Puppy Rescue” can hawk themselves in NYC media…)

  2. It’s good to have the periodic gathering of friends again on The Atomic Show, Rod!

    Some good discussions and things explore in greater details, but I have to provide a little bit of Toastmasters feedback as well, which would hopefully improve the quality of the experience for us, the listeners of your shows.

    1- way way too much typing, paper shuffling, and other kinds of disturbing background noise all the time during the show. Sometimes this made the show quite challenging to follow. Those who are not speaking should go on MUTE if they are making other kinds of noise which will be picked up by their microphone!

    2- Gwyneth’s audio is very muffled and at times quite difficult to understand, at least for a non-English speaker like myself

    3- Bob would be the nightmare for an Ah Counter at a Toastmasters meeting! I have lost track of how many “you know” he has used while speaking… they add nothing to the discussion, and get quite boring to listen to.

    More practice always helps, so this is an open invitation to do these kind of shows more often!

    Hopefully the feedback is seen as positive, and not as a rant, because it really isn’t!

    Thanks and ciao!

    Luca Bertagnolio
    Lausanne, Switzerland

  3. On the topic of Naomi Oreskes and the denialism accusation she’s been throwing around to those who dare to think different, here’s an interesting view from John Entine, a strong advocate of genetic engineering technology, another one of the technologies on which Oreskes appears to be a modern day Luddite.


    She seems to me like the Carsons, Ehrlics and Holdrens of this world, another Chicken Little which unfortunately has a lot of traction with people who do not like to go into much details, and drink negative propaganda on a daily bases. What a shame.

    Luca Bertagnolio
    Lausanne, Switzerland

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