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  1. “the growing realization among many nuclear supporters that the EPR may be a white elephant”
    Your recent Twitter post saying “The EPR is not worth building,” should actually say not worth attempting. I’ll edit this comment when one hits the grid.

    1. You should also let China know. They seem to disagree.

      Then again, it’s hard to find anything that isn’t “Made in China” these days. “Not worth attempting,” seems to be the new motto for the West.

      1. China’s building some of everything it seems. What will be telling is if they build another round of EPR’s. My bet is that they won’t build any EPR’s, may build a few new AP1000’s, and will proceed mostly with their in-house designs as they beef up their supply chain infrastructure for worldwide export. I surmise their adventures in the EPR were really to gain manufacturing and design expertise from AREVA which they have put to use in their own work.

  2. Much of the first half of this podcast was on the subject of South Australia. Some of Mr. Heard’s recent work that he would have discussed on The Atomic Show has been posted on his site.

    “On that global topic I recently returned from the World Nuclear Association 2015 Symposium in London. While there I delivered an updated version of my presentation “World’s Without Nuclear: A review of the 100 % renewable literature”. I am hopeful that a video of the presentation will be available soon, however there is a detailed write-up of my presentation here.”

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