1. I guess a nuclear navy background puts one in a good spot to write a book about nuclear power. Maybe the time has come for a well written book about nuclear power. It may be time to get moving on the climate change thing. Books have made a difference in the past. They say “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” by Harriet Beecher Stowe was a one of the sparks that lit the fire of the War Between the States. Some say “Silent Spring,” by Rachel Carson got the environmental movement in process. Here’s a website with more famous books:


    Even in these times of electronic media, I think a good book can be a cusp point for change.

  2. Taking after this discussion which should be continued if possible, a related topic to explore and expose is just how nuclear-savvy are reporters and journalists when far too many of them actually think cooling towers ARE reactors! One way to fight FUD and de-fang anti-nuclear smears in the press corp would be showing up their nuclear ignorance in the wake of the abolishment of the media science editor who served so well educating the public during the Apollo era.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  3. In the nuclear industry, we spend a lot of time and effort in the Cognitive Domain of training.
    Knowledge of the technology in the classroom, skills in the simulator and in the plant.
    The underutilized Affective Domain was the stomping grounds of Admiral Rickover.
    Attitudes, Values, Beliefs, Customs – the foundation of culture.
    He was a brilliant Engineer, one could not doubt his genius.
    He was also the master of theater.
    His legendary tyrades were reminiscent of my favorite deceased football coach Woody Hayes.
    Nuclear grade hissy fits motivated his organization and Congressional friends alike.
    It’s the great untapped reservoir of potential.
    You can teach a man all of the knowledge and skills until he’s smart enough.
    If you can make a man WANT to excel, you’ve built culure in the process.

    Rickover won decisively on both Cognitive and Affective.

    After a bad plant transient, I felt defeated. My heart was in it. The Green Table was to make sure it was.

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