1. So on the heels of “Drill Baby Drill” we have the BP explosion and spill. Then we also have coal mine disaster after coal mine disaster. I expect a highly publicized nuclear incident soon. Hopefully Suzy can prepare appropriate response materials ahead of time.

    1. It is interesting that you bring that up, seeing as there has already been a recent “incident” at the Vermont Yankee reactor. Despite the fact that only very small, harmless amounts of radiation were released and no one was hurt of killed, there is serious talk of shutting down the plant. This would mean that new coal plants would have to be constructed to replace the $100 million worth of electricity created at Vermont Yankee annually.
      On the other hand, despite multiple recent accidents in the fossil fuel industry and many lives lost, there is little consideration of reducing our reliance on dangerous, dirty, limited resources …much less actually shutting down coal plants. There is a double standard at work here that is not based in science or the best interest of the population.
      And, Yes, I am absolutely prepared to defend nuclear energy considering it has, by far, the best record of any energy source in terms of resource management, safety, and cost effectiveness.
      I will continue to support nuclear energy by bringing to light all that clean fission has to offer in a positive way, rather than focusing on unfounded fear, because quite frankly its just a waste of time. Might I suggest you give it a try, Para Noid!

      1. No, I agree with all you’ve said. I just think that these days we’re always being surprised by the news; it’s a good time to expect the unexpected.

        1. There are highly publicised harmless incidents at nuclear plants all the time. No doubt something new will be reported soon.

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