1. This might be a little off-topic, but as long as we’re talking about ads, I’d like to throw out an idea for any nuclear energy marketers who might stumble across this posting. . .
    A few years back, as I was taking a physics course, I went through a period where I was really thinking a lot about just what energy *is*. That is, what is the definition of energy? I mean, if you have to explain to a child or high schooler about energy, what do you tell them energy is?
    There are many complicated ways to explain that, but I think there’s at least one simple answer: energy is the potential for change.
    Without energy we would live in a completely static, unchanging universe. Energy is motion, heat, light, chemical reactions, the forces of gravity, electromagnetism, and the nuclear forces.
    So, here’s where the marketing idea comes in: we live in a country with many problems, one of them being a situation where our energy supply is tenuous at best, and where almost everyone wants CHANGE. Energy is the potential for change, and no source has more energy than nuclear.
    I really think you could build a nuclear marketing campaign around that play on words.

    1. A little while after posting this, I remembered that Gwyneth Craven’s had authored a book called “The Power To Change The World”, so one person at least has already been using this idea. I had forgotten about it, but then it came back to me . . . after I posted the above, I got to thinking that sounded kind of familiar, then I remembered her book.

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    Renewables people are masters in marketing. Unreliable intermittent generators whose output is all over the place, and usually badly correlated…

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