ANS Student Conference Closing Dinner


  1. Rod Adams wrote:
    I suspect that the mixers at the Opera and Loca Luna provided a bit more competition for attention than the organizers expected. Though I am now a grandfather and a bit beyond those kinds of events, I do remember how much fun they are and understand why they appeal to college students.

    While you might not get much out of the mixers, the college students there would probably get a lot out of you. It sounds like the groups of students with which you spoke at other times found your experiences to be quite interesting. But I can understand that the venue would probably not be optimum.

  2. Did any of the talks about Fukushima compare the #I set of reactors & the #II set?

    My understanding is that the # II set is just a few km from the #I but have been far less troublesome. The reasons why should tell us a lot about how to build future reactors, but I have yet to find any discussion of this point.

  3. My colleague John Mc says he met you, chatted a while with you. Says you didn’t record him (that he knew of). But you met a lot of people I’m sure. Says you are a “really cool nice guy.” Says he also enjoyed the one-person play on Mme. Curie.

  4. Reese – I almost never record anyone without their knowledge, though I have been known to record presentations and speeches given to a large group. I have a few that I need to process, including Alan Waltar’s talk.

    @donb – I do like mixers, but generally fine that nightclubs do not offer much opportunity for conversation. There might be a few ANS members, however, who remember a certain amount of dancing in College Station TX a few years back.

    @Jim – that is an excellent point. Perhaps a discussion about the contrast between units 1-4 and units 5 & 6 would make a good topic for a near future Atomic Show Podcast.

  5. @Jim: That’s a great idea. Rod, I second the motion – I’d love to hear that podcast!

    As for mixers and conversation, it seems the first time I met Rod was at an event like this one. The mixer was at a restaurant and I think we shared pizza around the table. The conversation was spirited and entertaining; and Rod had more pro-nuclear high-enthusiasm perspective than many of the young people at the table. It was an engaging evening that I could never afterward convey to people who hadn’t been there. Without the conversations that night, I would have found the evening dull. I don’t like venues where you have to shout while trying to get to know people.

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