1. Looks great. As a WordPress user myself, I like the theme and the magazine layout.
    One recommendation. You might want to include a plug-in for threaded comments (if this is going to become the new blog site). It’s one of the things that I like best about js-kit system (you can build a conversation around a single post, and don’t have to review an endless list of disjointed comments, each trying to communicate with each other, trailing off after each post).

    1. Threaded comments are now native to WordPress.
      As for what and how the comments will operate on the new site, that’s a secret πŸ™‚

      1. I second the recommendation for threaded comments.
        Other suggestions:
        Install a feature to preview comments before posting them. This is one area in which the comments engine in blogger is vastly superior to js-kit.
        Allow the “blockquote” tag. I’m tired of improvising my own way to distinguish long blocks of text that were written by someone else.
        Please install the wp-latex or MathJax plugins for WordPress. English is only my second language. Mathematics is my first, preferred means of communication.

  2. I think you should take a look at those templates on blogger. There are a lot cool features that are real easy to implement – just point and click. You can create extra pages real easy, install wigits and news feeds, random quotes generators, slide shows….. there’s an amazing array of stuff you can do within blogger. Some of the best blogs out there use blogger.
    You can use your masthead on their templates too.
    And the BIGGEST reason to stick with blogger, you won’t lose subscribers!

    1. With the redirects that we will be putting in place, readers from the atom feed, hotlinks, or bookmarks should not be left looking to find the new material.
      I’m aware of the new blogger plans but the things we’re doing with WP are even better.

  3. Rod,
    Just curious, but couldn’t you just put an entry in that is a simple link to point to the new site, and say, ‘go here’ by clicking on it?
    Or do they sort of frown on this sort of thing?

    1. Ed, when we have the redirect in place that will not be necessary. Think of this as a showcase event for now.

  4. Good choice Rod. Whether we like it or not, presentation conveys a lot to the end user and can impact how information is received. Like the look of the new site.

  5. I see it has a Search feature – Thank you! I was trying to find your blog on NG Fracking in PA and gave up. Had to use Google to find it (and dig through the hay to find the needle)!

  6. Lookin’ good guys!! I am excited for the new site; I’m sure that everyone will be really pleased with it when it makes the transition!

  7. Looks good!! Teamwork is paying off!!
    I just hope the new format will allow you to moderate comments when necessary.

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