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  1. How did anyone survive the tsunami? It boggles the mind. That things were not much much worse is a huge testament to the dedication, quick thinking and bravery of the men and women who survived.

  2. Rod Adams,

    I found your site this week. I am a retired engineer, BSEE and MSEE, who worked in the Electric Utility Industry. I wrote the acceptance test procedure for Davis Besse 345kV system, Generation, Main and Auxiliary Transformers … I retired in 1994.

    About a month ago I joined The Tree of Liberty forum. A libertarian site. I am Conservative.
    My name there is Slide Rule.

    I have posted (43 posts) to a thread on the TOL site about “NB Nuclear Plants: Emergencies at Ft. Calhoun and Cooper” my own views and experience, and a couple of your articles.

    There is a good deal of fear and generation of fear. Perhaps if there is a unusual or interesting perspective on that site, you would comment on AtomicInsights.com.

    I recognize and appreciate driven men. You Sir, are doing outstanding work.

    Al Moore

  3. So it looks like Unit 3 blew up collapsing the fuel pool wall into the pool. This was not caused by the fuel pool blowing up, I believe it was from the reactor pressure vessel blowing up due to a massive hydrogen explosion inside the Unit 3 containment. The fuel found at the site was fuel from the Unit 3 reactor.

    1. What are you talking about? The pressure vessel did not blow up and the hydrogen explosion occurred in the secondary containment – which was never designed to hold any pressure, not inside the containment. What fuel was found at the site? As far as I know, the only isotopes found outside the reactor buildings in concentrations higher than can be explained by the leftovers from atmospheric testing and nuclear weapons attacks in 1945 were noble gases and water soluble fission products.

      Do you have any additional information from a reliable source?

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