1. What is your estimation, when is the first small reactor ready for the market and wich one is it?

    1. @Kit P – can you name me a single reactor ever built anywhere that did not begin on paper?
      By the way, the NuScale guys were at the ANS Utility working group meeting describing how they are using CAD/CAM to enable a situation where they never need paper drawings. Maybe technology has moved on to the point where the Rickover appellation of “paper reactor” needs to be updated to be “digital reactor” until the inevitable happens and at least some of the digits turn into metal and concrete structures that actually begin producing power.
      At some point, the naysayers may end up wondering what happened to their ordered little worlds where nothing new ever gets built to disturb the establishment.

      1. Tell you what, when the NRC has a public meeting for small reactors I will go and speak in favor of it. In the meantime, I will keep being skeptical of slick marketing.

        1. @Kit P – I guess I missed seeing you at the October 8, 2009 NRC workshop on small and medium reactors. I am sure you were there to speak out. If you want to read one of the documents that the staff prepared as a result of that meeting, you can find it at
          You are also so right about the American Nuclear Society (ANS) – just a bunch of slick marketers in that professional technical society. (End sarcasm.)

  2. Last October I was busy designing a new reactors. This year too. Let me know when there is a public meeting for a COL not a workshop. Things like COL and DC being review by the NRC are kind of an indication that there is a serious plan to build a small nuke.

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