1. Hey, Rod! I am working with a partner who will be consulting on the UAE project. I hope to get involved personally in this fascinating and historic plant.

  2. Tom – good to hear from you. Drop me a line and let me know what you are up to and what you will be doing with regard to the UAE project. You can find my email address by scrolling to the bottom of the blog home page.

  3. This excellent ad puts to shame the lame PR campaigns of NEI, Entergy, CASE, etc.

  4. The UAE realizes that industrialized nations might eventually ban the import of hydrocarbon fuels in the future if a carbon neutral synthetic fuel economy is ever developed. So they need to use their petroleum revenues to move rapidly towards a nuclear and renewable energy economy while selling as much oil and gas as possible.

  5. Here! Here! Robert. Actually, NEI stuff isn’t that bad. CASE stuff never shows up and Entergy might as well be working for the Greens.
    This was an EXCELLENT advert, will very clear Arabic…his Gulf/Saudi accent was very clear. It is like the difference between, say, Dominican or Puerto Rican Spanish and that spoken by Colombians, who are considered to have the ‘best’ dialect of Spanish in the world today (by many, not only Colombians!). Contrast this with Lebanese or Palestinian Arabic and it is very clear.
    Now..content…politically this was presented as it should be and only as it could be. No BS, no silly projections, placing it in a global context (the last bullet item was about the UAEs *political* commitment to international collaboration and oversight). IT was simply better than anything I’ve seen in the West. (I am one of the few who actually likes the puff-pieces put out by Areva with their swift little animation things that look nice but explain nothing :).

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