1. As much as this accident has raised old questions, it is bloggers like you that are making the difference this time in presenting the story untainted by the need to sensationalize, or hidden agenda. Furthermore, you are creating rallying points for those of us that support nuclear energy, but often feel that we are isolated.

  2. Similar happened to the Oil Drum last summer. Enjoy it and appreciate both how hungry people are for authoritative sources, as well as the respect the crowd confers on you.
    (A LANL scientist writing at discover magazine a few days ago wrote “You can

  3. Thank you. Got the tip about this website from Cameron Reiley and this No Illusions Podcast. Its aways good to see another smart discusion on nuclear power.

  4. Rod, have you seen this really terrific graphic to give some perspective to relative radiation dosing from fukushima and other sources? I thought it was great, but have not yet had a chance to follow through to the sources links. http://xkcd.com/radiation/

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