Who is reading Atomic Insights these days?

Every once in a while, I skim through Google Analytics to learn a little more about the people who are visiting Atomic Insights. (My title is making the assumption that most visitors are actually reading the pages that they land on.)

Here is the most recent global map.

Global map of visitors to Atomic Insights in April 2014

Global map of visitors to Atomic Insights in April 2014

I’m not sure why the east coast of Africa is so well covered while the west coast is almost completely blank.

According to the detailed list, there was at least one session from 149 countries. There were 59 countries with more than 20 individual sessions in the past month. There were 30,665 sessions and 18,417 unique users.

The top five countries were US, Canada, UK, Australia and Germany.

The five that rounded out the top ten were France, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, and India.

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  1. Bill Chaffee says:

    One way to make this blog more accessable to people who don’t work in the nuclear industry might be to include a glossary of terms and acronyms that are used. Acronyms are often time consuming to try to figure out if one looks elsewhere on the web for a definition because there is a long list of possible meanings and the one that your looking for may or may not be there.