Wear green today in honor of St. Patrick and nuclear energy

Diablo greenLater today, March 17, 2015 (St. Patrick’s Day),

Californians for Green Nuclear Power will be donning the green and holding a rally at the plaza in front of the San Luis Obispo County building at 1055 Monterey from noon until 1:30 PM (PDT).

They want to show that the groups fighting to shut down the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant don’t represent the views of the majority of the local residents. The opposition is currently taking at least two paths aimed at forcing the plant to shut down.

One path is an effort to force the ocean front plant to stop using the abundant, readily available sea water for cooling the plant’s steam turbine condensers. They say that the plant should install enormous, ugly, fresh water consuming cooling towers at a cost in excess of a billion dollars plus an extended plant shutdown.

The other path is to claim, despite the judgement of the NRC, that the plant has insufficient safety margin against seismic movement. A former NRC inspector at the plant is fighting a lonely battle by insisting that the plant is in technical violation of its operating license; his view is a minority of one in a large, technically competent agency.

No power option can replace Diablo Canyon without a sharp increase in both electricity costs and air pollution, including a substantial increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

Another Environmentalist for Nuclear Energy

Another Environmentalist for Nuclear energy

Please join the Californians for Green Nuclear Power to show your support for their effort to save a valuable, environmentally friendly power plant. If I could be there, I have a perfect shirt to wear.

Wearing the green at a public meeting

When I was searching the Atomic Insights archive for the above image, I stumbled across a short speech that I made at an NRC-hosted public meeting wearing that tee shirt. The meeting took place in January 2012 in Gaffney, SC, the home of Frank Underwood, now the President of the United States on the Netflix show, House of Cards.

I enjoyed reliving the experience of participating in a civil public meeting, even thought my talk was not popular among all of the attendees. Following the meeting, I had some pleasant conversations with the antinuclear activists that had arrived by bus from Asheville.

I apologize for the quality of the video — the camera focus function was going wacky — but the audio worked pretty well.

PS – Not long ago, a drive-by commenter using the pseudonym “Name Withheld” suggested that I “might be a thin skinned wuss wearing a suit.”

That person doesn’t know me very well. I may occasionally wear a suit, and I might sometimes act as if I am thin-skinned, but few people would call me a wuss. :-)

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