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It has been quite a while since I welcomed a new blog and podcast to the pro-nuclear virtual world. I recently heard about a worthwhile effort being undertaken in the UK at Manchester University called Hitchhiker’s Guide to Nuclear.

Here is a quote from their “About Us” page:

As part of the Nuclear Society at Manchester University, it’s the group’s mandate to educate and inform the public as to how nuclear energy, as well as radiation and other related issues, affect all of us. Be it in terms of politics, economics, health or the environment, nuclear energy, whether we like it or not, will have an integral part to play in Britain’s future energy strategy.

With this in mind, we decided it prudent and wise to start a podcast talking about these issues with the wider public in mind. Along with students from all sections of nuclear research, we aim to ramble on haphazardly about all things nuclear and question whether it is necessarily the imminent danger certain facets of the media would lead us to believe?

We’ll talk about everything associated with nuclear from PWRs, EPRs,FCI, THORP, LLW, ILW, HLW and every other bewildering acronym under the Sun all the way through to perceptions of nuclear in film, books and the media!

I liked their introductory article and am now listening to their first podcast. It is bringing back memories of that evening in March 2006 when I first started chatting with Shane Brown on The Atomic Show. (By the way, is anyone with a hosting service looking for an established Atomic Show podcast to add to their lineup?)

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  1. WJS says:

    With a description like that, it’s definitely worth checking out. I really miss those good old days with Shane Brown on board.. I really loved the informative trivia and the way you guys connect the dots with the facts by bantering back and forth. Perhaps Cal Abel can be the next Shane Brown these days?