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  1. You do realize that these arctic oscillations are natural, don’t you? For fuck’s sake, you realize there is massive politics at work to blame everything and the kitchen sink on global warming, and to bury every admission that it’s not the cause, right? Like here
    Seriously, how can someone bemoan how the anti-nuclear retards blame everything on nuclear plants and then in the next breath do the exact same thing on global warming? Do you evern appreciate that the biosphere’s role in climate, responsible for the majority of the effect, is largely unknown? And NOT ACCOUNTED FOR in those pinheaded fluid dynamics models laughingly called “climate models”?
    The atmosphere, and everything that feeds into it like the biosphere, was not made to be simple and understandable by humans. It’s not a nuclear reactor Rod. It’s not something that you can itemize and analyze and figure out. It’s not linear, it’s dynamic, it’s full of feedbacks and it’s massively parallel. It’s not something the human species has figured out. And we won’t, not for a long time.
    This pretense that we understand climate only hurts the real science. Climate change is a bunch of over-politicized crap whose only redeeming, only CERTAIN, feature is its usefulness to phase out coal and natural gas burning. That is all.

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