1. I wonder why it is distributed that way? Perhaps Californians are interested in changing their minds on Nuclear?
    Also, an international map of viewers would be interesting. 🙂 😉

    1. Scott,
      California already has a good number of reactors and could definitely use more of them. However, I would not mistake the number of visitors from California as an indication of where the political winds are blowing. California having the largest population and favorable demographics tilts the number in their favor on many blogs.

  2. It’s me Rod. I’ve been traveling to every state capital in the last 30 days logging into AtomicInsights to build those hit stats. Thank the gods it’s working!

    1. David – thanks for the effort. Darn, I thought I was really starting to make an impact.

  3. First of all, what is needed is a display per population, as CA and NY have much higher populations than for example the Dakotas. Hopefully this will still show that California, as so often, is leading the nation in important trends.

  4. I think one reason why some many people from California visit this site is because many of them are connected to the nuclear industry one way or another. First there are two major nuclear power plants, San Onofre and Diablo Canyon, a major university that teaches nuclear engineering and physics, UC Berkley, a naval base that several nuclear powered ships and submarines call home, San Diego, a lab that performs nuclear research, Lawrence Livermore, and several companies that build and upgrade nuclear power plants, like Bechtel and Fluor. We also have more than our fair share of antinuclear activists who I am sure visit this site just to see what the “enemy” is doing.
    With all of that going for California I am surprised not more people are visiting Rob’s site.

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