1. Rod, is your purpose for posting this to see how many smoking guns this fund might end up turning up?

  2. I was curious as to how many law suits does the former chairman have against him and who brought the suits. I can find no information regarding who or what organization is suing him personally. If the suits are against him as the Chairman then his defense would be handled by the gov. So can you shed some light on where this money is going? I believe it is illegal to raise money under false pretense so it would be good to know:
    1. How many suits have been brought
    2. The subject of the suits
    3. Who or what organizations have brought the suits
    4. What is the estimated cost to him personnally for his defense


    1. As far as I know, the former Chairman does not face any lawsuits. The legal expenses were incurred as a result of him hiring counsel to provide advice during the IG investigations of his professional performance – or lack thereof.

      1. I would say that this should have already been provided by the NRC legal department since it was in the course of his duties.

        These ‘counsels’ were provided while he was on duty ? It makes no sense to me that he would require outside help. But then again I could be totally wrong.

  3. Rod,

    As I have stated before this is a scam. If any lawsuits occur following actions he took while NRC Chairman, the Government or NRC will have to defend him.

    This is how things are done in most occidental countries when high ranking officials are sued due to actions they took while in the exercice of their duties. The government contributes to paying the fees.

    I am sure it is the same thing in the US. But correct me if I am wrong.

  4. The only question remains, which anti-nuke Washington think tank will ask him to share his “expertise”?

  5. Based on the above discussion we have know way of knowing how much, if any, costs the Chairman has incurred in his ” defense “. This looks like a great way for Sen Reid to use PAC money to pay off his former aid for political favors for which the DC Court of appeals is calling illegal. Why hasn’t the media picked up on this very dark chapter in our government’s senior elected officials manner of doing business? The NRC is the last government agency the ciizens of the US should ever allow to become politicized.

  6. Unfortunately, the behavior of someone like Mr. Jaczko has become more and more common in Washington, D.C. as the crony politics of people like Harry Reid spread their fetid stink across the landscape. The NRC should only be staffed with true technical experts, not the puppets of politicians.

  7. Fukushima is an example of the nuclear industries safety that was tested by nature and did not hold up well at all. Is there any NPP sites tested to the past area maxamum natural desaster and survived to show us how safe they are designed for the area. If so it would give the public asurance of the safety. Looking forward to see them. Thanks.

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