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  1. A new term for nuclear power eh? Perhaps some varient of the terms ‘prototype’ or ‘archetype’, to reflect the fact that nuclear is the basic energy source of the universe, and most the forms we are familiar with (fossil fuels, wind, solar, hydro, geothermal) ultimately derive from it… but it needs to be snappier. Archic? Archeonic? Perhaps even Ur-power (from the German prefix ur, which means the same as “original’, ‘primeval’). Unfortunately my language skills aren’t sufficient to give an authoritative answer, but perhaps someone else can run with this.

  2. If we were to go down the ‘archeonic’ (or something similar) path, the root ‘arch’ also has the feature that it is associated with words which have an aura of supremacy, rulership, and pre-eminance, such as ‘archon’, ‘monarch’, ‘heirarchy’, and so forth, as well as being associated with origins and prime causes, like ‘architect’, ‘architype’, ‘archeology’, and whathaveyou.

  3. Of course, when discussing words, it’s probably good form to make sure that the spelling is in order. Hence:

    Hierarchy, eminence, archetype.

  4. If you haven’t brought it up already, you might want to give Adam the facts about the natural Oklo reactors. He sounds logical enough to realize that if Mother Nature can store her “atomic waste” for a billion years and it doesn’t move more than a couple of feet, we humans could probably also come up with an acceptable solution to last a few thousand years (which is all that is needed).

    – Pete

  5. Rod,

    I’ve been lurking for many years. As you can perhaps tell from my chosen moniker, I do Chinese Kung-Fu. There is two types of Kung-Fu; internal where the methods are more hidden and not so visible; and external where you can see that well hell yeah, I hit someone hard like that they’re not going to get up. I think that nuclear energy is more of the internal type insofar as you really don’t see any combustion and there is no ubiquitous waste filling the air.

    I think that nuclear energy is a class of yin-ergy. An subtle yet powerful force of nature.

    But, then again, I am just a Lion Dancer.

  6. Lion Dancer:

    I have to approve any comments on the Atomic Show before they appear for public consumption. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of spammers out there who want to use blog comments as a way to post thousands of links to some very nasty sites.

    Thank you for coming out of the shadows, however, and sharing your “yin-energy” idea. I hope you continue to listen, think and comment. We need people who understand subtle ways of changing people’s behavior.

  7. Actually I think rebranding would be at best useless.

    Consider the succession of words for people of less than normal intelligence, or more aptly the succession of words for people with dark skin in the US. Each word becomes derogatory because there are people who consider the quality of having dark skin to be bad.

    The only way to make progress is to openly say “I’m an X or I’m for X, & anyone who thinks that’s bad is full of crap”, & maybe to go on to some of the reason why they are full of crap.

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