1. Oh! I haven’t listened yet, but I’m going to love this one, and definitely spread it around. LNT goes like this: Since a million millirem acute dose is fatal to a person, then a millirem dose is fatal to one person in a million.

    Yeah, that’s oversimplification, in that we’re more usually talking about chronic doses, somatic effects and indiscernable cancer risks (in the statistical noise), but the logic is applied just like that. And if an activist is lucky he’ll find a statistical variation near something he doesn’t like and call it a “cluster.”

    Try that with any other agent and you’d be laughed at. I think hormesis is undoubtable. Apply the above logic to fat-soluble vitamins, asprin, or trace minerals needed for human metabolism, and see the ridiculousness of it.

    Thanks in advance, commander, et al.

  2. Rod, great show.. Thanks, couple of observations

    1. The link does not work… http://www.radscihealth.org/rsh/. There is one ” to many.

    2. I heard a while back that Geiger counter in New York are now prohibited unless you have a permit. Would the granite you talked about in this show with traces of radio activity in them that are use for the statue of liberty would have something to do with this new restriction… They don’t want people finding about it with portable detectors maybe?


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