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  1. Excellent job on the audio! This was a terrific episode both quantitatively and qualitatively. Please have Ray back again soon and keep up the wonderful sound work.

  2. Great stories. Thanks to Ray for his pioneering efforts to harness the stong force, and to Rod for helping to communicating it.

    15R in one exposure would make front page headlines today, guaranteeing fines, investigations, and additional regulations. For Ray and his teammates, it was a no-never-mind, just a part of doing what it took to get an important job done.

    Of course his generation showed themselves to be better at self-sacrifice, discipline, and courage than the radiophobia, nimbyism, and fearmongering that is rampant today.

  3. My grand father was an electrical engineer on that project.
    he tells some pretty good stories as well.
    As far hs he knows he is the only living member of that team.

  4. My dad is Keith Tibbitts and we are watching this documentary today, March11, 2023. My dad is still alive and we are wondering if Ray is still alive? Very i interesting! Very smart people! Thanks for posting.

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