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  1. A wonderful post, Rod. I feel the same way and appreciate you delving into the unspoken divides in thinking, that ultimately keep us from making the best decisions about energy and environment.

  2. This may sound silly but social media is a fantastic way to spread the word. Continue to write fantastic articles like the one above and post on facebook, twitter, etc….To show you how impressive social media can be, a group of women started a facebook page to share crock pot recipes. In 11 days, the group has almost 350,000 followers. Amazing.

  3. “Lubbers” are called what they are for reason. Different from a ship where every move is vital to the ship’s operation, the Earth is treated as a place for recreation whilst our spirits are just passing through.

    That is going to change and only those that work to preserve the ships (Earth’s) function will survive. I am no longer wasting my time talking to the tourist type that make asses of themselves in leadership positions. Natural selection has a way of dealing with this problem in time.

  4. Rod. Also, thank you for linking to my post. I appreciate it! I am too distracted to post. I am FINE and my house is FINE and the people I love best are FINE. However, one remove out…I haven’t reached some people I care about, the library in which I usually have meetings with a small group of women (on Tuesday nights) is flooded, which almost doesn’t matter because the road to it is not passable. And then, there are those propane tanks, 200 tanks, that floated down the Ottaquechee River (in my township) and are stuck in the gorge. Blogged about them today.

    Things are not good in Vermont. It’s going to be a massive massive clean-up effort, with SO many roads out. I can’t get to West Hartford. I can’t get to Woodstock. And this isn’t even the hardest-hit part of the state.

  5. Rod,I agree with your view on the narrow thinking of many people with education who one would expect to do better.

    I’m afraid that it takes much more than the current educational paradigm to instill that elusive quality,wisdom.

    Of course,that ancient and ever present bugbear,self interest, is a big factor in the line that most people take,educated or not.

  6. Rod,
    This misinformation is what we are up against. Makes it difficult to get the TRhttp://www.prisonplanet.com/fukushima-is-continually-blasting-all-of-us-with-high-levels-of-cesium-strontium-and-plutonium-and-will-slowly-kill-millions-for-years-to-come.htmlUTH out.

    1. I wouldn’t get too worried about prison planet. The people who read that site also believe the queen of England controls the US government and FEMA, in collaboration with the illuminati, are going to liquidate 80% of the US population.

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